Folio update - September 2015 by Jeff Crow

Just finished a very busy period of travel and work. Nice to be back in the office for awhile and catch up on all those things you neglect while on the road like travel receipts and folio updates. Happy to say, I got the folio updates done... as for the receipts... 

Thanks again to Jy at Monza imports for getting me in to shoot catalog updates for the RST clothing range. It's always fun when you get to work with the likes of Cam Donald, his beautiful partner and of course, Lukey Luke shown in the photo. Now if only the Melbourne weather was a bit better.  All good. 


Thank you for the support .... by Jeff Crow

Ever wonder what it takes to make the pictures I get the opportunity to produce, well other than loads of time, patience and a little talent? It takes support from good people and great companies. I've been spoilt by both in my partner @Courtcrowphoto who supports my time and craziness also I'm very grateful for the support that @goproau gives me. God knows I'm not the kindest person to my gear.  Loads more to come over the following week. Hope you enjoy it half as much as I do.


Yamaha's 60th celebrations by Jeff Crow

Had a great time in Cessnock NSW for Yamaha Motors Australia and the 60th Anniversary celebrations along side the media launch of the 2016 YZ450F .  The photo below is some GoPro fun with CDR Yamaha star Dan Reardon on Friday during the press launch! More photos online. 


Ok, no one ever said I was quick! by Jeff Crow

July 1st 2015 and finally have a blog and site back online...  and as luck would have it, my first blog if from my second home.  The Qantas lounge at Melbourne airport on my way to Perth.

Somehow life doesn't seem right in one place.. check you soon.    Cheers,  JC

a new beginning... by Jeff Crow

Time to start all over again... 

A bright new morning in Healesville Victoria.  

A bright new morning in Healesville Victoria.  

Like a cool morning in the mountains, sometimes you just need to get up and start afresh.  Out with the old flash website and in with the new Apple and social media friendly site.  I'll try and keep you up to date with my where abouts, strange musings and bent humor (at times) .. and share some images along the way.   Sorry it's taken so long.  JC